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Individual tool handles and handle brackets for hand trowels or smoothing trowels with metal blades or plastic blades

Large parts of our standard range, such as smoothing trowels or tool handles, can be customized at low cost and thus fit seamlessly into your existing product portfolio. Here you influence the design, material, size and color of the individual components (e.g. bracket, handle or handle components and trowel blade). Labels or embossed lettering or logos can also be attached to certain parts if required.

Brackets and brackets with handle

We offer 3 different brackets for hand or smoothing trowels for mounting on metal or plastic trowel blades. Each of these brackets is designed for different handles and are made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS).

brackets for metal blades

for external finishing – metal blades are not supplied

Our brackets are part of hand trowels for professional craftsmen and are mounted on metal trowel blades (riveted, welded or glued).

brackets füor plastic blades

optionally with quick changing technology

Our brackets are part of hand trowels for professional craftsmen and are mounted on plastic trowel blades (riveted, welded or glued)..


Smoothing trowel brackets for plastic blades or metal blades allow different handles depending on the model.

Plastic handle with end cap

This handle variant made of ABS is part of the support and contains a separate end cap. Both parts can be realized in different colors.

Softfoam – plastic handle (Comfort Soft)

Softfoam is a thermoplastic elastomer which combines – because of a special foaming process – a very good haptics with a very low weight.

2-component plastic handle

With the 2-component handle, a stable plastic core is either partially or completely encased with a softer thermoplastic elastomer. This should improve the feel and grip. Both components can each be made in their own color.

Other handle variants

In addition to our various plastic handles, we can also make handles made of wood, cork or even carbon.

plastic trowel blades

Plastic trowel blades made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) can be mounted directly on the support or can also be supplied individually in various sizes, thicknesses and shapes (round, rectangular or rectangular with a point, toothed or smooth).

Trowel blades can also be made with a pre-assembled removable frame. With the right bracket, trowel blades can be easily changed.


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